SAP EDUCATION PARTNER and BIET along with SAP India are willing to jointly establish a strategic relationship, where parties shall work together in number of ways for setting-up of an on-campus training center at BIET’s campus (“On-Campus Training Centre”) in order to provide SAP Consultant Courses to the students of BIET.

This exposure and education will give students a competitive hiring advantage while giving employers access to well prepared graduates, skilled in the latest concepts & tools. It is important to note that the program is a training program for SAP software. The Alliance will also strengthen research in Enterprise Integration. The SAP Student Academy Program is multi-disciplinary and is being run across multiple departments of BIET.

SAP ERP Dongle Site License Course Modules:


  SAP Materials Management (MM)

  SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

  SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

SAP ERP Dongle Site Licenses:

  SAP ERP Dongle Site License: 240 users

  SAP Learning Hub License: 10 users

  Questionmark Perception (QMP) License: 120 users

SAP (ABAP/MM/FI/SD/HR) 30 days Train the Trainer program for BIET Faculty in collaboration with SAP- IPA EDUCATION PARTNER @ BIET Campus w.e.f. 3rd July 2017

SAP (ABAP/MM/FI/SD/HR) Train the Trainer programme for BIET Faculty commenced from 3rd July 2017 and the duration of the training programme is for 30 days. 34 faculty from various departments of BIET are attending this SAP training.Resource Person is Mr.A. V. KRISHNA,SAP Corporate Trainer. SAP Training is being organized by BIET Placements department in collaboration with SAP-IPA EDUCATION PARTNER AT BIET .