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B-Tech CSE in Cyber Security:

B.Tech. CSE with specialization in Cyber Security program is designed to address the industry’s increasing demand for skilled security professionals in the public and private sectors. This program is specifically meant to improve mindfulness and redesign the abilities of engineering graduates. The program is designed by industry experts keeping in mind the current industry needs academic proficiency of the students. This specially designed program helps to bridge the gap between industry and academia so as to create an employable workforce ready to take on challenging roles in the domain of cyber security.

This program also focuses on knowing the dark web, adversaries, and their tools, tactics, and procedures (TTP). Using these knowledge students can build intelligence-led security programs, where the intelligence gathered on the field about adversary leads to security decisions and investments. This program builds a solid foundation towards understanding various aspects of Cyber Threat Intelligence and provides a quick kick start towards targeted and result-oriented threat research.

The objective of the B.Tech CSE with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence with Cyber security is to help students the concepts and AI, machine learning, deep learning, as well as cyber security. You will learn how the machine learning and deep learning techniques can be used to detect potential attacks and protect your corporate systems. You will also learn how you can use these techniques to develop the applications that can detect unusual and suspicious patterns and attacks. You will learn how you can develop a strong network security defense using AI.

Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity have become critical for any organization. Organizations all across the globe, spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence helps build smarter and safer systems that can predict and detect suspicious network activities, such as phishing or unauthorized intrusions.With time, the cyber attacks have been growing in volume and complexity. AI enabled systems learn from billions of blogs, news stories, and other structured and unstructured sources. Using its robust learning capabilities, AI systems improve their knowledge to understand cybersecurity threats and cyber risks. Using the insights and reasoning, the AI system identifies the relationships between threats such as suspicious IP addresses or insiders and helps the security analysts to launch orchestrated and 60 times faster action.

Highlights of the Programme:

 Lectures imparted by eminent academicians and practicing industry experts..

 Curriculum design & Course material by Quick Heal.

 Regular Tech-Talks, webinars, and Seminars by experts.

 Placement & Internship support..

 Learn how to actively monitor systems and networks for intrusions.

 Perform security audits, risk analysis, network forensics, and penetration testing.

 Learn to establish techniques to collect samples from different sources that help to start profiling threat actors.

 Define Cyber Threat Hunting and articulate its value to an organization.

Career Opportunity after completion of the course:

o Information Security Analyst.

o InfoSec Trainer.

o Information Risk Analyst.

o Junior Cyber Security Analyst / Cyber Security Analyst .

o Infosec Analyst and Trainer.

o Internal Auditor.

o Sales – Cyber Product and Services.

o Technical Support Engineer (InfoSec).

o Network Security Engineer