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I B.Tech I Semester – EEE - R18-Regulation
Theory Practical
MA101BS: Mathematics – I ME105ES: Engineering Workshop
CH102BS: Chemistry CH106BS: Engineering Chemistry Lab
EE103ES: Basic Electrical Engineering EN107HS: English Language and Communication Skills Lab
EN105HS: English EE108ES: Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
I B.Tech II Semester – EEE - R18-Regulation
Theory Practical
MA201BS: Mathematics - II AP205BS: Applied Physics Lab

CS206ES: Programming for Problem Solving Lab
AP202BS: Applied Physics
CS203ES: Programming for Problem Solving
ME204ES: Engineering Graphics
*MC209ES: Environmental Science
II B.Tech I Semester – EEE - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
MA301BS: Mathematics – IV EE306ES: Electrical Machines Lab - I

EC306ES: Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

EE307ES: Networks Lab
EE302ES: Electromagnetic Fields
EE303ES: Electrical Machines-I
EE304ES: Network Theory
EE305ES: Electronic Circuits
MC300ES: Environmental Science and Technology
II B.Tech II Semester – EEE - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
EC401ES: Switching Theory & Logic Design EE406ES: Control Systems Lab

EE407ES: Electrical Machines Lab - II

EE408ES: Electronic Circuits Lab

MC400HS: Gender Sensitization Lab
EE402ES: Power Systems - I
EE403ES: Electrical Machines – II
EE404ES: Control Systems
SM405MS: Business Economics and Financial Analysis
III B.Tech I Semester – EEE - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
EE501PC:Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation EI507PC :Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab

EE506PC :Basic Electrical simulation Lab

EE505PC:Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Lab
EE502PC: Power Systems - II
EI503PC :Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
SM504MS: Fundamentals of Management
EC511OE: Principles of Electronic Communications(Elective - I)
MC500HS:Professional Ethics
III B.Tech II Semester – EEE - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
EE601PC: Power Systems Analysis EE604PC :Power Systems Lab

EE605PC: Power Electronics Lab

EN606HS: Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
EE602PC: Power Electronics
EE603PC: Switch Gear and Protection
Professional Elective - I
Open Elective - II
IV B.Tech I Semester – EEE - R15-Regulation
IV B.Tech II Semester – EEE - R15-Regulation