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Women Grievance Cell Committee Role & Responsibilities

  The Cell will deal with the cases / complaints of sexual annoyance and any other type of harassment of the female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the college.

  The Cell shall process all the individual complaints and take suitable action thereon in the manner and mode as per the college norms.

  The Cell will provide assistance to the Faculty/Colleges/Institute for taking preventive steps in the matter of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

  The Cell may form / review the guidelines / policy for redressal of the grievance as required from time to time, which may be in accordance with those issued by Supreme Court and Government Agencies.

  To conduct meeting whenever required and discuss relevant issues, in consultation with the Director seeking his approval.

Procedure for lodging complaint

  The students may feel free to put up a grievance in writing/or Email to the respective committee incharge.

  The Grievance Cell will act upon those cases which have been forwarded along with the necessary documents.

  The Grievance Cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit provided by the cell.

For Complaints

Complaint Email: grievances.wcell@biet.ac.in

e-complaint Form URL: https://goo.gl/forms/YPpOb3JuL12tUAII3