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The laboratories / workshops are fully equipped with complete set of latest equipments and tools, in different areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The various labs and workshops encompass the vital aspects of Computational Mathematics, Computer Programming, Data Structures, Basic Engineering Workshop, Electrical and Electronics Circuits and Engineering Drawing etc.

Detail of various laboratories and their facilities are as follow:

English Language Communication Skills Lab

The English Language Communication Skills (ELCS) Lab focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in everyday situations both in formal and informal contexts.


  To facilitate computer-assisted multi-media instruction enabling individualized and independent language learning.

  To sensitize the students to the nuances of English speech sounds, word accent, intonation and rhythm.

  To bring about a consistent accent and intelligibility in students’ pronunciation of English by providing an opportunity for practice in speaking.

  To improve the fluency of students in spoken English and neutralize their mother tongue influence.

  To train students to use language appropriately for public speaking, group discussions and interviews.

1. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Lab Requirements

  The Computer Assisted Language Learning Lab has to accommodate 40 students with 40 systems, with one Master Console, LAN facility and English language learning software for self- study by students.

System Requirement (Hardware component):

  Computer network with LAN facility (minimum 40 systems with multimedia) with the following specifications: Computers with Suitable Configuration High Fidelity Headphones

2. Interactive Communication Skills (ICS) Lab:

  The Interactive Communication Skills Lab: A Spacious room with movable chairs and audio-visual aids with a Public Address System, a T. V. or LCD, a digital stereo –audio and video system and camcorder etc.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

This laboratory provides a platform to the students to understand the basic necessities and practical concepts of chemistry, that helps the students in designing and purification techniques which addresses the needs of industries and improves research capabilities.


  To provide students with practical knowledge of quantitative analysis of materials by classical and instrumental methods for developing experimental skills in building technical competence.

  Engineering Chemistry Lab incorporates the experiments which involves the volumetric estimation of chemicals and determination of various properties of fuels and water samples like Viscosity, Surface Tension and Hardness. This Lab has variety of instruments like double distillation plant, stalagmometer, Viscometer and Conductivity meter.

Engineering Chemistry Lab Requirements

  Beaker, burette, pipette, conical flask, volumetric flask

  -UV-Spectrophotometer, Digital Conductivity Meters, Flame Photometer, Redwood Viscometers, Pensky Marten’s Flash & Fire Point Apparatus, Electrical Balance, Distillation Unit, Digital pH Meters etc.

Engineering Physics Lab

  This laboratory provides a platform to the students to understand the basic principles of physics in wavelength and frequency measurements, numerical aperture of an optical fibre, rigidity modules, dispersive power, energy gap of semiconductor diode, solar cell characteristics, Laser diode and LED characteristics, decay time of capacitors and variation in magnetic field.


  The Objective of this course is to make the students gain practical knowledge to co-relate with the theoretical studies. To achieve perfectness in experimental skills and the study of practical applications will bring more confidence and ability to develop and fabricate engineering and technical equipments

  Design of circuits using new technology and latest components and to develop practical applications of engineering materials and use of principle in the right way to implement the modern technology.

Engineering Physics Lab Requirements

  Travelling microscope, Sodium vapour lamp, Spectrometer, Laser Source, Melde's apparatus, R-C circuit board, LCR circuit board, Function Generator, Metal disc, Mercury vapor lamp, Solar Cell, Solar cell trainer board, Fiber optics trainer kit, Stewart-Gee’s apparatus, NA jig, optical , fibers 1m, 3m, LED, LASER Circuit board, Energy band gap kit, Diffraction grating, Battery Eliminator, Stop Watch, Screw Gauge, Vernier Callipers, PrismPatch cords, Connecting wires, Steel, brass, copper wires

Programming For Problem Solving Lab

  Computer Programming laboratory is designed to familiarize students with the basic components of programming, so as to be able to initiate the students into the discipline of Programming. It aims to start of the development of problem solving ability using computer programming.


  The purpose of this course is to introduce to students to the field of programming using C language. The students will be able to enhance their analyzing and problem solving skills and use the same for writing programs in C.

  This laboratory provides a platform to the students to write programs in C using structured programming approach to solve the problems

Programming For Problem Solving Lab Requirements

  Hardware Requirements: 50 number of Dell Intel® Core Tm i3-4150CPU@ 3.50 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA HDD systems with 18.5” colour monitor, Microsoft Windows 7

  Software Requirements: Ubuntu linux based operating System,GCC compiler, CodeLite, or CodeBlocks, or Eclipse, or DevCPP

Engineering Workshop Lab

  This laboratory is intended to provide a platform for the common engineering practices to equip the students for shaping of metals & non-metals and principles of domestic electrical house hold utilities & appliances. Also exposure to the machine tools lab.


  Workshop Practice helps the student to know how the work on shop floor is carried out.

  To impart technical knowledge and skill to use tools, machines, equipment, and measuring instruments.

  Educate students of Safe handling of machines and tools

Engineering Workshop Lab Requirements

  Carpentry, Foundry, Tin smithy, Black smithy, Fitting House, wiring, Welding