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Sciences & Humanities: Facilities & Assets

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This Department encompasses the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental Science.

Pure Science and Mathematics

We are conscious of the fact that any engineering practice is an intelligent manipulation of the fundamental laws of nature and formulated by the rigors of mathematics. We lay a very special importance on teaching and outlining the relevance of pure science and Mathematics to Engineering and Technology, both in the theory classes as well as in the practical labs.

English Language and Communication Skills Lab

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The role of English is the present scenario has become very vital. In view of its important, the students are adequately trained by the faculty through multimedia lab and communication skills lab apart from the regular classroom teaching. The multimedia lab helps the students in acquainting themselves with standard accent, stress and intonation.The available software

The communication skills lab concentrates in developing the presentation skills and soft skills. On the whole, it prepares the students to face the corporate standards. It also helps them in making presentations, participating in Group discussions, Debates, Role plays, JAM’s, interviews, etc.

The required application softwares available with us to fullfill the English Language and Communication Skills lab is English Lab Teacher Console.

Environmental Science

The problem of biosphere damage due to human activity and negligence of the environmental health, leading changes in climate and atmosphere have become a serious national and Global issue. We, at Bharat, have taken this problem very seriously and ensure that every student will contribute his mite to save the Earth. The motivation given by us, through the subject of Environmental Science, ensures that every student gathers the best of his ethics to conserve every bit of mother earth through various programs.

Physics Lab


The physical lab at BIET is aimed at developing the theoretical and practical knowledge of the student regarding the fundamental aspects of physics such as properties of matter, optics, electrical and electronics. The lab is well maintained and has sufficient equipment’s are divided into four cycles such that each and every student gets an individual experiment.

Chemistry Lab

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The Engineering chemistry lab is furnished with elegant rust free worktables with polished shining black granite tops stainless steel washbasins. The lab is provided with continuous supply of water for washing and chemical distillations. All the tables have Bunsen burner gas flame facility for heating or boiling. The chemicals used are of analytical and guaranteed grade reagents. An all glass water distillation set up is available for the continuous in-house supply of distilled water. The lab is equipped for analysis water, cement, limestone; steel etc. the chemical is fully geared with equipment’s such as conductivity meter, potentiometer, PH meter, Bomb calorimeter, red wood viscometer. The lab is having specialized facilities such as cold chambers, ovens, funnels, vacuum filtration etc. for the preparation and synthesis of rubbers and polymers etc. for the safety and environmental cleanliness, the lab has fume cupboards and exhaust facilities to provide chemical vapor free working atmosphere for the students.

Engineering Drawing

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One of the best ways to communicate one's ideas is through some form of picture or drawing. This is especially true for the engineer. An engineering drawing course focuses on usage of drawing instruments, lettering, construction of geometric shapes, etc. Students study use of dimensioning, shapes and angles or views of such drawings. Dimensions feature prominently, with focus on interpretation, importance and accurate reflection of dimensions in an engineering drawing. Other areas of study in this course may include projected views, pictorial projections and development of surfaces. This course also gives basic concepts for studying machine drawing, building drawing, circuit drawings etc.

Computer Programming Lab

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The objective of this lab is to understand various steps in program development using C programming language. This lab complements the computer programming course. Students will learn to write programs using structured programming approach to solve real world problems. Students will gain knowledge on basic data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, simple searching and sorting methods.

Engineering Workshop / IT Workshop Lab

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To allow the students to gain an application of the principles of operations in mechanical workshop and to get a feel for industrial application, and to provide the student with progressive hands-on structured experinec of industrial environment. To develop an understanding of the basics of maintenance of machinery and equipment.

The IT Workshop for engineers is a training lab course spread over 60 hours. The modules include training on PC Hardware, Internet & World Wide Web and Productivity tools including Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher.