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Examinations Evaluation Pattern

The performance of a student in each semester or I year shall be evaluated subject-wise for a maximum of 100 marks for a theory and 75 marks for a practical subject. In addition, industry-oriented mini-project, seminar and project work shall be evaluated for 50, 50 and 200 marks, respectively.

For theory subjects the distribution shall be 25 marks for Internal valuation and 75 marks for the End-Examination. External Examinations question papers are arranged by the JNTUH.[Max.Marks:75]. The details of the Question Paper pattern without deviating from the R13 regulations as follows:

The End semesters Examination will be conducted for 75 marks which consists of two parts viz i) Part-A for 25 marks, ii) Part –B for 50 marks.

Part-A is compulsory question which consists of ten sub-questions. The first five sub questions are from each unit and carries 2 marks each. The next five sub-questions are one from each unit and carries 3 marks each.

Part-B consists of five Questions (numbered from 2 to 6) carrying 10 marks each. Each of these questions is from one unit and may contain sub-questions. For each question there will be an “either” “or” choice (that means there will be two questions from each unit and the student should answer any one question).

For practical subjects

There shall be a continuous evaluation during a semester for 25 sessional marks and 50 end semester examination marks. Out of the 25 marks for internal evaluation, day-to-day work in the laboratory shall be evaluated for 15 marks and internal practical examination shall be evaluated for 10 marks conducted by the laboratory teacher concerned. The end semester examination shall be conducted with an external examiner and the laboratory teacher. The external examiner shall be appointed from the clusters of colleges which are decided by the examination branch of the University.

Mid Examinations(Descriptive) question papers will be set by experienced faculty

In the mid examinations, For theory subjects, during a semester there shall be 2 mid-term examinations. Each mid- term examination consists of one objective paper, one Descriptive paper and one assignment. The objective paper and the essay paper shall be for 10 marks each with a total duration of 1 hour 20 minutes (20 minutes for objective and 60 minutes for Descriptive paper). The Objective paper is set with 20 bits of multiple choice, filling the blanks and matching type of questions for a total of 10 marks.