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First B.Tech I Semester - R18-Regulations
Theory Practical
MA101BS: Mathematics – I CH106BS: Engineering Chemistry Lab
CH102BS: Chemistry EN107HS: English Language and Communication Skills Lab
EE103ES: Basic Electrical Engineering EE108ES: Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
EN105HS: English ME105ES: Engineering Workshop
First B.Tech II Semester - R18-Regulations
Theory Practical
MA201BS: Mathematics – II AP205BS: Applied Physics Lab

CS206ES: Programming for Problem Solving Lab
AP202BS: Applied Physics
CS203ES: Programming for Problem Solving
ME204ES: Engineering Graphics
MC209ES: Environmental Science
Second B.Tech I Semester - R18-Regulations
Theory Practical
CS301ES: Analog and Digital Electronics CS306ES: Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
CS302PC: Data Structures CS307PC: Data Structures Lab
MA303BS: Computer Oriented Statistical Methods CS308PC: IT Workshop Lab
CS304PC: Computer Organization and Architecture CS309PC: C++ Programming Lab
CS305PC: Object Oriented Programming using C++ MC309: Gender Sensitization Lab
Second B.Tech II Semester - R18-Regulations
Third B.Tech I Semester - R16-Regulations
Third B.Tech II Semester - R16-Regulations
Fourth B.Tech I Semester - R16-Regulations
Fourth B.Tech II Semester - R16-Regulations
Theory Practical
A80014 : Management Science A80090 : Industry Oriented Mini Project
Elective I A80089 : Seminar
Elective II A80088 : Project Work