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Civil: Department Activities

Guest Lecture on "Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System" on 9th January 2017 for IIIrd and IInd year B.Tech CIVIL.

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Guest Lecture on "Earthquake Engineering and Advancements" on 19 September 2016 for III B.Tech CIVIL students.






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Guest Lectures

The civil department conducted Guest Lectures inviting Key speakers from other reputed technological universities like Institution of engineers (India), IITs, NIIT’s,Dignitaries from Foreign Universities, DRDO, NRSC, and other reputed to explain about the recent advancement in the Civil Engineering field. Special lectures,workshops,seminars are conducted by inviting eminent professionals for student enrichment programmes.For youth interaction, Human Excellency programmes from Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad is taken up to inculcate institutional ,social responsibilities and extension activities by the students. N.C.C. and other Social and Cultural activities are also taken up for all round development of the students. Constant persuasion for conducting seminars, workshops and Class room training program me has been taken up in order to motivate the students and also update themselves with new emerging trends. Parent -teachers meeting is held frequently to update the parent about their words academic progress. We have reputed journals and research papers and books are available in the departmental digital library for the reference of students and the faculty. The students are encouraged to increase the employability by various academic activities like improving soft and hard skills. We strive hard to attract better students and enrich the department with high quality faculty. More aggressive programmes are taken up to invite eminent engineers and technologists to the campus to expose the students for enrichment of the skills, knowledge and attitude. Our faculty members are highly qualified and also have industrial and research experience which will help the students to utilize their experience and potential for their success. We plan for equipping all the class rooms with LCD projectors, latest teaching techniques and state of the art technology.

Industrial Visits

To give the students a better insight visits to Irrigation Projects are arranged to have experience and to have insight in to project details.


Students are encouraged to do their projects in Organizations like, CDO, Metrorail, Water Works, Sewage Board, etc, to name a few, and to this regard they were provided all the requisites and support. In house projects are also taken up, encouraging students to pursue analysis and make their own models