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B-Tech CSE in Data Science:

The under graduate Engineering programmers in Data Science are about providing an innovative education filled with discovery, and distribution of knowledge.

The programmers allow fresher’s to gain a practical understanding of different Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning functions and to grow individual networks through cross-functional relationships. From Data Science engineering, there are various programmes for the students’ addressing their interest. Students get to learn under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced faculty teams developing the skills you need to succeed and make a valuable contribution right from the start. This graduate engineering programme encourage students to think with internal perspective and design solutions that meet human and social needs and to create an economic value that helps them to sustain in this competitive environment . Data Science has gained reputation in the recent past.

Data science deals in converting large amount of raw data to provide meaningful insights and strategy. The data is gathered from many sources, and then it is structured and studied to gain insights. The process of representation the key insights from structured and unstructured data are known as “Data Science”. The professionals working on in advance such insights and presenting them to key stakeholders are known as “Data Analysts” and “Data Scientists“. Today, data science finds its place in retail, healthcare, finance, e-commerce and IT services industries.


This programme produces graduates with broad understanding of Computer Science and Engineering discipline giving them a viable edge through robust core curriculum and hands-on learning in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop capability which caters to the requirements of the industry. It is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics and visualization technologies. This programme discusses AI methods based in different fields, including natural language processing, text mining, robotics, neural networks, and data mining in order to present a unified treatment of machine learning problems and solutions.

B.Tech - DS Advantages:

 Well Researched and Carefully Crafted Curriculum.

 Design Based Learning and Innovative Pedagogies.

 State of the Art Infrastructure and Research facilities.

 Skill Development & Personality Development.

 Internships, Placements & Bright Career Prospects.

 Annual Exhibition of AI Prototypes.

 Facilities for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.

 Course delivery through real world applications.

Career Opportunity after completion of the course:

o Software Engineer.

o Data Manager.

o Data Analyst.

o Data Scientist .

o Product Analyst.

o System Analyst.

o Software Quality Assurance Analyst.

o Information Security Analyst.

o Machine Learning Engineer and Architect

o Artificial Intelligence Engineer