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This program combines two key areas of artificial intelligence and data science (machine learning) which are two complementary areas of Intelligent Systems, where Data science focusing on statistical techniques and Artificial Intelligence on algorithmic techniques. Both areas are in high demand in the tech industry and for Industry 4.0.

Artificial Intelligence jobs are amongst the best paid in the IT sector with both skills in ever increasing demand.

Skills Gained:

A sound understanding of dynamics of industry, government and global business specific knowledge and expertise in business information systems.

Learn to use IT management skills to help improve business efficiency and sharpen a company’s competitive edge.

Build to help tomorrows business managers to get equipped for digital transformation, plan strategically and redesign business secure operations as well as establish business processes and direct digitalization in big and small companies.

Job Opportunities:

IT Systems / Business Analyst

Social Media Specialist

IT Project Manager

Systems Designer

Business Systems Designer

Business Data Analyst

Digital Advertising / Marketing Analyst